github horsicq/DIE-engine 3.05

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15 months ago

Please see the file CHANGELOG for a detailed list of changes.

Asset / FileDescription / Host OS
die_sourcecode_3.05.tar.gzSource code tarball
Detect_It_Easy-3.05-x86_64.AppImagePortable version for Linux How to run
die_3.05_Debian_9.13_amd64.debInstall for Debian 9
die_3.05_Debian_10_amd64.debInstall for Debian 10
die_3.05_Debian_11_amd64.debInstall for Debian 11
die_3.05_Ubuntu_14.04_amd64.debInstall for Ubuntu 14.04
die_3.05_Ubuntu_16.04_amd64.debInstall for Ubuntu 16.04
die_3.05_Ubuntu_18.04_amd64.debInstall for Ubuntu 18.04
die_3.05_Ubuntu_20.04_amd64.debInstall for Ubuntu 20.04
die_3.05_Ubuntu_21.04_amd64.debInstall for Ubuntu 21.04
die_3.05_Ubuntu_21.10_amd64.debInstall for Ubuntu 21.10
die_3.05_Ubuntu_22.04_amd64.debInstall for Ubuntu 22.04
die_3.05_portable_Ubuntu_20.04_amd64.tar.gzPortable version for Ubuntu 20.04
die_mac_3.05.pkgInstall for macOS
die_mac_qt6_3.05.pkgInstall for macOS Qt6 M1 processor
die_mac_portable_3.05.zipPortable version for macOS
die_win32_portable_3.05.zipPortable version for x86 Win32
die_win64_portable_3.05.zipPortable version for x64 Win64
die_winxp_portable_3.05.zipPortable version for Windows XP
die_win64_qt6_portable_3.05.zipPortable version for x64 Win64 Qt6

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