github home-assistant/core 0.115.0b11

Breaking change compared to other betas

If you use Home Assistant OS or Home Assistant Docker, your local media is now served from /media and no longer from the media folder in your config dir. If you use Home Assistant OS, use the Samba add-on to add folders to your media folder. If you use Docker, map a folder to /media. You can also configure multiple local media folders under homeassistant: in your configuration.yaml:

    media: /media
    recordings: /recordings


  • Address error in SQL query (@dgomes - #39939)
  • Add media dirs core configuration (@frenck - #40071)
  • Guard both Shelly 2 & Shelly 2.5 in roller mode (@thecode - #40086)
  • Remove the unnecessary prefix from the sensor names in the Shelly integration (@bieniu - #40097)
  • Increase TIMEOUT_ACK to 10s (@springstan - #40117)
  • Bump aioshelly library to version 0.3.2 (@bieniu - #40118)
  • Allow ESPHome to trigger the HA tag scanned event (@jesserockz - #40128)
  • Use device name stored in device_info for tag scan in ESPHome (@jesserockz - #40130)
  • Guard for when Yandex Transport data fetching fails (@balloob - #40131)
  • Fix ESPHome scan tag device ID (@balloob - #40132)
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