github hluk/CopyQ v4.1.0

  • Old notification system can now be used instead of native/system
    notifications (#1620). This can be disabled in Notifications tab in

  • Additional configuration file for notifications will not be created
    automatically (#1638).

  • In scripting, console object can be used for logging, measuring elapsed
    time and asserting conditions.

  • plugins.itempinned.mimePinned contains item data format for pinned items
    (item is pinned if it contains the format).

  • Command completion menu contains more complete list of script
    objects/function and better description.

  • Action dialog command, action() and commands (if "Content"/filter regular
    expression is unset) now do not replace %2 through %9. This allows
    passing URLs without requiring to escape encoded characters like %20 or

  • Syntax highlighting for hexadecimal and boolean values in the command editor.

  • Fix moving the main window to different display/screen (#1624).

  • Windows: Native notifications are disabled on Windows 7 (#1623). This fixes
    crash because of unsupported features.

  • Windows: Fixed crash when loading some themes (#1621).

  • Wayland: Restores last stored geometry for a window (since getting current
    screen does not work).

  • MinGW Windows builds are available again (without native notification

5 months ago