github hluk/CopyQ v3.13.0

  • Newly, if a global shortcut is triggered when the main window is active, the
    command will be executed with item selection and item data available (#1435).

  • New focusPrevious() script function to activate window that was focused
    before the main window.

  • Export now write data to a temporary file before saving.

  • Display command are now also applied on item preview (e.g. to enable syntax
    highlighting in the preview).

  • New command line option "tray_menu_open_on_left_click" to check default mouse
    button behavior for tray icon (copyq tray_menu_open_on_left_click true).

  • New command line option "activate_item_with_single_click" to activate items
    with single click (copyq activate_item_with_single_click true).

  • New command line options "filter_regular_expression" and
    "filter_case_insensitive" to change the item search behavior.

  • New command line option "native_menu_bar" to disable native/global menu bar
    (copyq native_menu_bar false).

  • Updated icons (Font Awesome 5.15.1)

  • Improved performance of loading the icon font.

  • Fix crash when exporting large amount of data (#1462).

  • Fix entering vi search mode (#1458).

  • Fix size of scrollable text area in item preview (#1472).

  • OSX: Broken native/global menu bar was replaced by default with application
    menu bar (#1444). This can be changed with copyq native_menu_bar true.

  • OSX: Mouse click on tray icon is now handled similarly to other platforms.
    This can be changed with copyq tray_menu_open_on_left_click true.

latest releases: v4.1.0, v4.0.0
11 months ago