github hluk/CopyQ v3.12.0

  • Unsaved data are now saved whenever application is unfocused, otherwise
    immediately after an item is edited and saved or after ~5 minute intervals if
    items change. These intervals can be configured - use copyq config to list
    options with save_delay_ prefix. For example, disable storing after an item
    is added (only when app is unfocused, exits or tab is unloaded):

    copyq config save_delay_ms_on_item_added -1

  • Filter field in commands can now modify menu items. This is done by setting
    properties to "menuItem" object. Example:

    menuItem['checkable'] = true
    if (plugins.itempinned.isPinned.apply(this, selectedItems())) {

      menuItem['checked'] = true
      menuItem['text'] = 'Unpin'
      menuItem['color'] = '#f00'
      menuItem['tag'] = 'X'

    } else {

      menuItem['checked'] = false
      menuItem['text'] = 'Pin'
      menuItem['icon'] = ''


  • Application icon will no longer automatically change when there is an ongoing
    operation (i.e. the icon snip animation). This caused performance issues in
    some environments and it was not tested automatically so it often broke. When
    clipboard storing is disabled the icon only changes opacity slightly.

  • New preview() script function shows/hides item preview.

  • Avoid terminating application on SIGHUP (#1383)

  • Use brighter bar for pinned items with a dark theme (#1398)

  • Improved notification text line wrapping (#1409)

  • Improved layout when showing many shortcut buttons (#1425)

  • Fix indentation when importing commands with CRLF (#1426)

  • Fix using the configured notification font (#1393)

  • Fix initial item size (avoid scroll bars)

  • Fix decrypting item with note

  • Fix hiding windows after changing "Always on Top" option

  • Fix tool bar flickering when browsing items

  • Fix crash when destroying main window

  • Fix rare crash when menu items change

  • FakeVim: Improved completion menu control with Vim emulation

  • FakeVim: Always start in normal mode

  • FakeVim: Fix searching backwards

  • Windows: Paste operation is now postponed until user releases shortcut
    (#1412). This works better than releasing the shortcut keys automatically and
    is consistent with behavior on Linux.

  • Windows: Fix SSL/TLS errors; networkGet() should now work with https

  • Windows: Fix native GUI style (#1427)

latest releases: v4.1.0, v4.0.0, v3.13.0...
14 months ago