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13 months ago

6.3.0 (2023-04-08)

  • New feature: Hardware accelerated decoding support on macOS.
  • New feature: Protect "crossing line" smart motion detection is now supported on cameras that support the functionality. You can configure this in the Protect controller webUI, on G4-series and higher cameras in the same place you can configure motion zones.
  • New feature: You can have all the Protect controller telemetry published in MQTT under the telemetry topic. This is the raw feed of the realtime telemetry as it's received from the Protect controller, so expect a lot of data. This can be enabled with a new feature option: NVR.Publish.Telemetry. For the MQTT enthusiasts, this really gives you the ultimate flexibility to build automations and events in a more granular way for specific use cases. For most users, I would not recommend enabling this option - it's a lot of data, and you'll need to parse through everything that the controller is publishing. The MQTT support that's provided for cameras, motion detection, etc. by HBUP is more refined and feature-rich in important ways, but for those that want the raw it is.
  • Improvement: Further refinements to plugin startup.
  • Housekeeping.

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