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3 months ago

6.18.0 (2024-02-11)

  • New feature: Stream cropping. You can now selectively crop your Protect video stream feed in HBUP. This option will force transcoding on in all circumstances when viewing livestreams. My thanks to @dansimau for the initial PR that implemented this feature and contributed it to the community. This feature utilized the FFmpeg crop filter behind the scenes - you can read more about how cropping in FFmpeg works in the FFmpeg documentation to orient yourself if you're struggling with this feature at first. My recommendation: play with it and you'll eventually get a feel for the settings if they don't seem intuitive at first.
  • Improvement: Protect device availability is now provided to HomeKit on a realtime basis. This should help folks more easily see when devices are disconnected from the Protect controller.
  • Housekeeping.

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