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4.0.0 (2020-11-01)

  • IMPORTANT BREAKING CHANGE: many of the feature options have had their names change (mostly minor changes) in order to create clear namespaces and provide more consistency throughout the plugin. As feature options have grown over time, I took a step back and wanted to rethink how to logically structure feature options and prepare for the future. Refer to the feature options documentation for the complete reference, and update your feature options before you restart Homebridge.
  • New feature option: Audio. This will allow you to enable or disable audio support for cameras.
  • New feature option: Doorbell.Trigger. This feature has a dual purpose:
    • First, for Protect cameras that are not hardware doorbells, this will allow you to enable or disable HomeKit doorbell support on any Protect camera.
    • Second, this will create a switch accessory in HomeKit that you can use to manage automations - you can use it to trigger a doorbell ring, and the switch will turn on or off when a genuine ring occurs on Protect hardware doorbells.
  • Breaking change: The ContactSensor feature option for Protect doorbells has been deprecated and removed in favor of the new Doorbell.Trigger feature option, which provides this functionality and more.
  • New feature option: Motion.SmartDetect. This feature option takes advantage of new smart detection capabilities in Protect controller v1.15 and above for for G4 series cameras only (that's a Protect limitation, not a limitation of homebridge-unifi-protect). Smart detection is Protect's name for AI/ML-based object detection for motion events. Currently, Protect can detect people, but I expect more object types to be added in the future, and homebridge-unifi-protect will support them when they do. This feature option allows you to use Protect's smart object detection to decide whether to notify you of a motion event or not. What does this mean to you? If you only want to see a motion event when Protect detects an actual person rather than some leaves blowing across the camera, this is the feature you've been waiting for. This feature is only available for UniFi OS-based Protect controllers - UCKgen2+ controllers aren't currently supported. I plan to add support for this feature on UCKgen2+ in the future. Read the feature options documentation for more information.
  • Enhancement: video stream selection has been redesigned and improved. We now match the resolution requested by HomeKit against the list of available RTSP streams from the Protect camera to provide a richer experience. This should result in improved compatibility across a broader range of resolutions across the Apple ecosystem (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS). also includes support for 4K resolutions which it seems that HomeKit is beginning to add support for (though not officially in the HomeKit spec yet).
  • Enhancement: improve overall responsiveness by enforcing time limits on the Protect API. You will see more errors and alerts in the logs related to the controller API. They can largely be ignored. Protect controllers are occasionally very slow to respond, taking 5+ seconds to return an API call. We now aggressively terminate those calls in order to not slow down HomeKit / Homebridge responsiveness overall. For the most part, these error messages can be safely ignored and homebridge-unifi-protect will handle them gracefully.
  • Enhancement: when homebridge-unifi-protect is unable to retrieve a snapshot from the controller, it will attempt to use the most recent snapshot from that camera, if that snapshot is less than 60 seconds old.
  • Enhancement: improve startup times by better utilizing the Homebridge object cache.
  • Enhancement: increase responsiveness of LCD messages using the realtime events API on UniFi OS-based controllers.

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