github hjdhjd/homebridge-unifi-protect v3.1.0

latest releases: v6.22.0, v6.21.1, v6.21.0...
3 years ago


  • New feature: enable or disable motion detection across multiple cameras simultaneously using the liveview feature in the UniFi Protect controller webUI. This will activate a new HomeKit security system accessory for this plugin and give you the ability to really tailor when alerts get generated, and for which cameras. Read more about it here.
  • Enhancement: snapshots are now pulled directly from the Protect controller. This should substantially improve both the speed of snapshot generation and the image quality which were previously generated from a video frame.
  • Enhancement: improved error detection and notification when you configure a bad hostname or IP address.
  • Enhancement: the API now intelligently backs off when errors are detected to avoid spamming your logs and hammering the Protect controller.
  • Some housekeeping and reorganization of documentation for better discovery.

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