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2 years ago


620d0e2 Merge pull request #50 from hhatto/pascaldekloe-master
0815d00 File matching options.
3ddbb04 Merge pull request #49 from rennnosuke/fix/README-install
3d7142d Update
0cfb0c1 modify README: add installation in Go version >= 1.16
4493993 update package
126c825 update package
ac156d2 refactoring: godoc format
9f27e57 add godoc
a5e3eb9 move examples
00b2ffc add godoc
cf020f3 add godoc
0844dea refactoring
db0b2ec go mod tidy
f242138 add godoc
265523c update
ed6e963 add test-cover command
c7b5cee fix gitignore
54fd2d5 Merge pull request #48 from matthias-g/patch-1
773595e Correct line comment prefix for TLA+
448d34a Merge pull request #47 from Moelf/patch-1
fa39611 Update
734d3a7 Merge branch 'master' of
f7ade19 add: .kts as Kotlin lang
3e24a76 Create codeql-analysis.yml
f8770a6 Merge branch 'master' of
307087c update packages
22f33eb Merge pull request #46 from hhatto/support-languages
40c3d8c support lang: Visual Basic
29e116c support vbproj file
beefb66 add: resx file
b2dad38 add: Ohm lang
82da1cf Merge pull request #44 from aohanhongzhi/feature/jsp
7c6e1d5 upper case
43f87ce add support to jsp
c8c8e98 vendering
c1f05ee cleanup packages
4861420 fix
b88980d add: Nujucks language

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