github hhatto/gocloc v0.4.0

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2 years ago


ecf2a9b add: ring-lang
39f3f37 fix test command
a07a4a8 update
4eddbd4 migrate travis to github actions
6da7072 fix build command
3f35eca migrate set-env on github actions
324573b goimports
6611d7a Merge branch 'master' of
95a4bdd Create go.yml
33f2fb1 package update
e46e3ea clean up packages
c4330a0 add AutoHotkey
4391fc1 Merge pull request #40 from puhitaku/puhitaku-go2
3401137 Add Go 2 alias
e97e2c7 add Svelte lang
b2b1ff2 Merge pull request #39 from hhatto/fix-multilines-comment
77a956f add unit test
fb5b473 fix: comment line do not get correct when more than one comment multilines are defined
74e46c8 update packages
5ca49d6 add Vyper
ad8cee3 improve usage description
dff4b68 Merge pull request #38 from jalseth/support-rego
43809c2 Add support for Rego (OPA) policy language
b36d371 Merge pull request #37 from dbast/master
cb8963b Add Docker badges + Docker image usage example
75bc2ad publish docker images
5b80871 Merge pull request #36 from dbast/master
1383dc9 Add Dockerfile with linting and testing
133847b Merge pull request #35 from d-tsuji/patch
75c12a9 fix GoDoc link
844d941 Merge pull request #34 from mcuadros/enry
d654c3d *: update go-enry import

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