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3 years ago


8e05ec6 use go1.13
fd85b04 gorelease via GitHub Action
4a5b7fe disable release via travis-ci
f84e458 Merge pull request #30 from fabienbellanger/feature/addTripleSlashCommentDart
71d25c9 Add triple slash for Dart inline comments
8176427 add godoc link badge
bbea501 add Go Report badge
af12f8b update packages
e418301 Merge pull request #29 from ebilling/master
f250de8 Support file formats that do not support multi-line comments
ffac378 Merge branch 'master' of
d0ee276 seperate ts, TypeScript and XML(QtLinguist File)
21ba4c7 add QML language
a79a466 update readme
7fe2158 add Dhall lang
aaf8acb add Zig lang
764f3f6 go111module off in go get goimports with travis-ci
43cfcd6 go mod tidy
6670582 'go get' to 'go mod download'
4b7f073 upgrade packages
f8b8c7c add go mod download in goreleaser.yml
56c7794 add license file
f003b63 remove personal patreon badge
4683a6c Merge pull request #20 from kuba--/upgrade-enry
b67c617 Merge pull request #19 from kuba--/fix-12
f54b116 Upgrade enry to v2.0.0 and switch to go modules
1ea0457 Fix AnalyzeFile if comment is in the same line as code.
1429cba Merge pull request #18 from ndyakov/master
fbd77e6 Merge pull request #17 from mcuadros/cloc-callbacks
f99e2de Add .tf - Terraform configuration.
22e164f add tsx.
c5379f7 Merge pull request #16 from erizocosmico/fix/lang
ecc2e24 ClocOptions callbacks
37c92a8 add language to result of analysis
b9c5a4a add Janet Language
b91831b Merge pull request #14 from hhatto/test-goreleaser
bb4191f update
4893e77 update
250384e goimports ignore to not project go file
ce5a176 update
c90e64a update dependencies
0dbfdaf fix goreleaser deploy
5f38e03 fix
899c555 fix main.go path setting
8310987 use goreleaser
5c428a0 update
dcb9627 update usage description for --output-type json
5fbb677 json output format
8f522b2 refactoring for xml output
95a5d74 refactoring
d10a0d5 Merge pull request #13 from mcuadros/analyze-reader
85a9d54 AnalyzeReader, allows to analyze a io.Reader
ae555e3 add lang 'Arduino Sketch'
a72679c wip: add Q lang. (block comment does not work
b3aa5f3 support 'multi' multiline comment and add ATS language
b1bfa2c update
4ecfc37 add Meson
cd41a7d add Vue lang
2530ab0 update ignore file
b99449d add update-vendor command, use dep
855e4d5 add Fish Language
686bf36 add BitBake language
9cec581 add Solidity Language
822e2c7 use dep
7b315f8 add Eiffel language
b72a63f fix unit test for #7
ca5e3a5 get rid of global file cache
259fe0a split command and library. (for #6)
0f4798e add build test
dd23b2b fix compile error
969da1d buildable
37108f0 Merge branch 'master' into sep-cmd-and-package
02e6469 WIP: separate cmd and package
caee9f2 support cloc-xml output in language total
eb5ea00 fix cloc-xml format in by-file mode
a2c3cc4 add Makefile for gocloc development environment
b9d302d Merge branch 'master' of
fed6812 support AsciiDoc
1a74d87 Merge pull request #5 from rsrdesarrollo/master
ffea873 add support to RAML
9721cc0 support ReStructuredText
034d1bf add Vala
d52dff6 update go version
2db4102 change require package
a1bbea0 add FStar lang
2bbd840 update
7d08948 Merge branch 'master' of
b0f8611 use src-d/enry
46e9938 support Gherkin
8f3b0b7 fix #3
6367021 wip: block comment stats
25e20c7 add test fo containComments
51d2858 fix line parse logic
2f9d246 remove go1.6 and add go1.8 for test
78af8c0 fix test sequence
9b6da86 Merge pull request #2 from bogem/perfimprove
6f57424 Use already created lineComments slice instead of splitting it every time
ad027a3 Make optimizations in main.go
9035e24 Make optimizations in utils.go
2993373 Make optimizations in language.go
2081063 Fix typos in Options
060e463 Add byte slice pool
1d4e19d Use camelCase var names in analyzeFile
52045d3 support TLA
4cb9360 support Stan language
47b1e9a support Ada
8916747 Merge branch 'master' of
b3d3a75 use 'name' as second sort key
67a0717 support Carp
be5ed3d Merge pull request #1 from ei-grad/patch-1
ba4b7a3 Update
3749c62 fix not count single comment in DTrace
f0919ce add go1.7
5ea4f2b manual build for generaltso/linguist
943aab5 pre requirement
b99189e Merge branch 'master' of
eb492df support Mercury lang
400de05 support Zephir
0afe8be support Nix
0ed5304 support Chapel
a28cfbd support Rebol
9404892 support Red
05439b7 support Idris
0c0a464 support Io
be5b5f9 support Logtalk
452e8f5 support LiveScript
99e75c2 support Nu
eec67cb fix Haskell's block comment
39c0ecc support Frege
8849d2e support Lean Language
f752938 support NSIS
e48831e fix HTML comment token
66fe43a support RMarkdown
9a7cfa7 scan to too long line
2110c70 Support Isabelle
648b178 fix detech logic for Matlab
8cf6fc7 Merge branch 'master' of
7332c4f support Pony
208ddfb trim bom
db183e9 support ext XML (lang is XML)
d46aabe support HLSL
142fd08 support Unity-Prefab
a8e2316 feature add --include-lang option
de89ad3 support Terra
62c1f59 add description for support languages
84dd1cb support F# and GLSL
109275d fix panic
aa33290 support COBOL
dedfe2b fix panic
c8111a7 fix logic for mustache comment
739ac26 add --show-lang option and big refactoring
63849a9 support Nim
bc09d7f suuport .ML for OCaml file
167d1a0 support Tcl/Tk
0f71a9f add todo comment
9b9b765 support Verilog and Coq
39acb58 support Cap'n Proto
71620b9 support Elm
5a59ed3 support Haxe
8aed783 support XSD
7d2f587 fix Groovy support
e4e4e87 support Groovy
6b8d681 support Kotlin
f13d947 Merge branch 'master' of
3ba9614 fix duplicate print to help text
59839da update benchmark result
c290450 strict golint
43c4172 support --match-d option
a117d26 support Crystal
85c92cd support Cython
c2e0a90 support Jupyter Notebook
4eef8e2 support Ant
de499c2 add extensions mll,mly for OCaml
4fc4a7a support MATLAB
5631a57 change language name to make from Makefile
5a96c5d support CUDA
c5f9019 support Maven
a003127 support Scala
2061df4 fix logic for ignore vcs dir
9d48155 support PowerShell
3716ad8 support Elixir
6441a41 support to Scheme and Racket
e99f51a include erlang header
60b1237 support one line comment for LISP
af04843 add comment
a909909 support Erlang
568f3ec update
7e24711 update benchmark
6a9d4f5 support WiX and SKILL
a93edbf support MSBuild script
17d868a support DTrace
482ae56 support Expect
13c8801 support sed
517e500 fix detect logic for makefile
e517f24 support m4
e1d7d61 support cmake
1d77f0e support lex
c8631f5 fix comment logic, that comment ending case of has suffix
c909bf2 remove t.Log
8fcdb06 add unit test
0f0e90b update benchmark
8e3d371 silent
21a4437 ignore vcs dir
9d8b341 support .PL .pm file
454ed0a Merge branch 'master' of
31327b9 fix ext key for Batch
60f2209 update benchmark
9520227 single comment is 'REM' and 'rem' for .bat
0661259 add --skip-uniqueness option
e2a3ea2 refactoring
a87d155 ignore not uniq files
d7b2c0f support language to Plan9 Shell
5843550 get file type from shebang, at first
5bf70f3 add debug log
2e60355 improved logic of anaylizying assembly
e94d3c0 add debug option, and more...
0fdb093 use travis-ci
4a32c39 travis
8a474bf fix to get shebang logic. and add test, more testable...
58688b8 update benchmark result
d8e8784 add comment
6ca2f29 refactoring
6258bb3 add description for use on jenkins
9b2560d add language sh. separate from bash
3709a45 add language: xslt
522c4f8 add --not-match-d option
9e80680 check shebang is #!
6b3bd80 enable --exclude-ext option
56d7790 add --exclude-ext option
ee86335 handle panic when 'no such file or directory'
23857aa add --output-type option. [value: default,cloc-xml,sloccount]
1db0103 refactoring
e8a2a0d refactoring
a0ac80a refactoring
76749f6 add git ignore file
d88433d sort code column
b1fadc3 wip
c644ff5 ignore open file error
3a68d99 support to get ext from shebang
71e3318 add --by-file option
2613b67 remove not needed comment line
0fad3e1 use base path
e5bd730 add performance section
8ac1bd4 support Yacc
cf604bf support Awk
95be1ee remove debug print
84141d3 initial commit for goclocgit st

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