github hhatto/gocloc v0.3.0

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4 years ago


6670582 'go get' to 'go mod download'
f99e2de Add .tf - Terraform configuration.
ecc2e24 ClocOptions callbacks
1ea0457 Fix AnalyzeFile if comment is in the same line as code.
b91831b Merge pull request #14 from hhatto/test-goreleaser
c5379f7 Merge pull request #16 from erizocosmico/fix/lang
fbd77e6 Merge pull request #17 from mcuadros/cloc-callbacks
1429cba Merge pull request #18 from ndyakov/master
b67c617 Merge pull request #19 from kuba--/fix-12
4683a6c Merge pull request #20 from kuba--/upgrade-enry
f54b116 Upgrade enry to v2.0.0 and switch to go modules
b9c5a4a add Janet Language
f8b8c7c add go mod download in goreleaser.yml
37c92a8 add language to result of analysis
56c7794 add license file
22e164f add tsx.
43cfcd6 go mod tidy
764f3f6 go111module off in go get goimports with travis-ci
f003b63 remove personal patreon badge
bb4191f update
4893e77 update
4b7f073 upgrade packages

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