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Heimdal 7.7.1 - Security Fix Release

latest release: heimdal-7.8.0
10 months ago

This release fixes the following Security Vulnerabilities:

  • CVE-2022-42898 PAC parse integer overflows

  • CVE-2022-3437 Overflows and non-constant time leaks in DES{,3} and arcfour

  • CVE-2022-41916 Fix Unicode normalization read of 1 bytes past end of array

  • CVE-2021-44758 NULL dereference DoS in SPNEGO acceptors

  • CVE-2021-3671 A null pointer de-reference when handling missing sname in TGS-REQ

  • CVE-2022-44640 Heimdal KDC: invalid free in ASN.1 codec

    Note that CVE-2022-44640 is a severe vulnerability, possibly a 10.0
    on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) v3, as we believe
    it should be possible to get an RCE on a KDC, which means that
    credentials can be compromised that can be used to impersonate
    anyone in a realm or forest of realms.

    Heimdal's ASN.1 compiler generates code that allows specially
    crafted DER encodings of CHOICEs to invoke the wrong free function
    on the decoded structure upon decode error. This is known to impact
    the Heimdal KDC, leading to an invalid free() of an address partly
    or wholly under the control of the attacker, in turn leading to a
    potential remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability.

    This error affects the DER codec for all extensible CHOICE types
    used in Heimdal, though not all cases will be exploitable. We have
    not completed a thorough analysis of all the Heimdal components
    affected, thus the Kerberos client, the X.509 library, and other
    parts, may be affected as well.

    This bug has been in Heimdal's ASN.1 compiler since 2005, but it may
    only affect Heimdal 1.6 and up. It was first reported by Douglas
    Bagnall, though it had been found independently by the Heimdal
    maintainers via fuzzing a few weeks earlier.

    While no zero-day exploit is known, such an exploit will likely be
    available soon after public disclosure.

  • CVE-2019-14870: Validate client attributes in protocol-transition

  • CVE-2019-14870: Apply forwardable policy in protocol-transition

  • CVE-2019-14870: Always lookup impersonate client in DB

All of these fixes are also included in the Heimdal 7.8 release.

Building from source

heimdal-7.7.1.tar.gz and its matching PGP signature file (heimdal-7.7.1.tar.gz.sig) should be downloaded in preference to the GitHub generated "source" archives. The heimdal-7.7.1.tar.gz archive contains the required build products necessary to "configure" and "make".

SHA1(heimdal-7.7.1.tar.gz)= a33fdc957f84ab13f39f164b04fe1deeaab3179e
SHA256(heimdal-7.7.1.tar.gz)= 117cb1ede7848db24cf27311c46f7f735a99f9c836c22e80aec92b91efe56644

The GitHub generated "source" archives contain a raw copy of the repository contents for the "heimdal-7.7.1" tag.

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