github hashicorp/terraform-provider-kubernetes v2.22.0

latest releases: v2.24.0, v2.23.0
5 months ago


  • kubernetes/data_source_kubernetes_persistent_volume.go: Add data source for Kubernetes Persistent Volume Resource [GH-2118]
  • kubernetes/resource_kubernetes_namespace.go: Add attribute wait_for_default_service_account to namespaces which will force Terraform to wait until the default service account has been created by Kubernetes on namespace creation. [GH-2119]
  • kubernetes/resource_kubernetes_endpointslice.go: Add kubernetes_endpoint_slice resource [GH-2086]


  • kubernetes/provider.go: Add tls_server_name kubernetes provider options. [GH-1638]


  • resource/kubernetes_manifest: fix an issue in the kubernetes_manifest resource when it panics if tuple attributes within an object have a different number of elements. This leads to the situation when all types of end tuples are getting the same type. [GH-2164]
  • resource/kubernetes_manifest: fix an issue with the kubernetes_manifest resource, where an object fails to update correctly when employing wait conditions and thus some attributes are not available for the reference after creation. [GH-2173]

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