github hashicorp/terraform-provider-kubernetes v2.21.0

latest releases: v2.24.0, v2.23.0, v2.22.0...
6 months ago


  • resource/kubernetes_runtime_class_v1: Add a new resource kubernetes_runtime_class_v1. [GH-2080]


  • kubernetes/provider.go: add conflictsWith rules to provider configuration schema [GH-2084]
  • kubernetes/resource_kubernetes_service_account.go: Remove default_secret_name warning [GH-2085]
  • resource/kubernetes_node_taint Update import documentation GH-2094


  • resource/kubernetes_node_taint: Don't fail when there is a taint in the state file for a node that no longer exists. [GH-2099]
  • resource/kubernetes_job: Fixed a bug where setting backoff_limit to 6 would reset it to 0

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