github hashicorp/terraform-provider-kubernetes v2.11.0

latest releases: v2.24.0, v2.23.0, v2.22.0...
19 months ago


  • Add a new resource kubernetes_horizontal_pod_autoscaler_v2 (#1674)


  • Add ip_families and ip_family_policy attributes to kubernetes_service (#1662)
  • Handle x-kubernetes-preserve-unknown-fields type annotation from OpenAPI: changes to attributes of this type trigger whole resource recreation. (#1646)
  • Upgrade terraform-plugin-mux to v0.6.0 (#1686)
  • Add GitHub action for EKS acceptance tests (#1656)
  • Add github action for acceptance tests using kind (#1691)


  • Fix conversion of big.Float to float64 in kubernetes_manifest (#1661)
  • Fix identification of int-or-string type attributes to include 3rd party types defined by aggregated APIs (#1640)
  • Fix not handling multiple cluster_role_selectors of kubernetes_cluster_role(_v1) (#1360)

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