github hashicorp/terraform-provider-kubernetes v2.1.0

latest releases: v2.24.0, v2.23.0, v2.22.0...
2 years ago


  • Fix kubernetes_cron_job ForceNew when modifying job_template (#1212)
  • Fix error returned by Create CSR (#1206)
  • Fix kubernetes_pod_disruption_budget: 100% now is a valid value (#1107)
  • Fix perpetual diff in persistent volume claimRef (#1227)


  • Add binary_data field to kubernetes_secret (#1228)
  • Add support for setting the persistent volume claimRef (#1020)
  • Add secret_namespace to volume_source azure_file (#1204)
  • Docs: fix grammar in Network Policy (#1210)
  • Docs: kubernetes_cron_job add link to Kubernetes reference (#1200)

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