github hashicorp/terraform-provider-kubernetes v2.0.0

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2 years ago

See the upgrade guide for more details.


  • Replace support for KUBECONFIG environment variable with KUBE_CONFIG_PATH (#1052)
  • Remove load_config_file attribute from provider block (#1052)
  • Remove default of ~/.kube/config for config_path (#1052)
  • Update Terraform SDK to v2 (#1027)
  • Restructure service and ingress to match K8s API (#1071)
  • Normalize automount_service_account_token to be in line with the K8s API (#1054)
  • Normalize enable_service_links to be in line with the K8s API (#1074)
  • Normalize wait defaults across Deployment, DaemonSet, StatefulSet, Service, Ingress, and Job (#1053)
  • Change resources requests and limits to TypeMap (#1065)


  • Add timeout argument to kubernetes_stateful_set (#1047)
  • Add divisor to resource_field_ref (#1063)
  • Add ingressClassName as field in Ingress manifest (#1057)


  • Fix typo in Job error message (#1048)
  • Fix assertion in TestAccKubernetesPersistentVolume_hostPath_nodeAffinty (#1067)
  • Fix service load balancer crash (#1070)
  • Fix cronJob.ttl_seconds_after_finished causing requests to fail even without value specified (#929)
  • Fix perpetual diff when using Pod resource with automount_service_account_token=true (#1085)
  • Fix perpetual diff in StatefulSet when update_strategy is not specified (#1088)
  • Fix delete/recreate when updating init_containers (#951)
  • Fix delete/recreate of Jobs when updating mutable fields (#1074)


  • Add upgrade test for daemonset (#1064)
  • Add kube_config_paths to provider block (#1052)

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