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23 days ago



  • kms: deprecated attestation.external_protection_level_options in favor of external_protection_level_options in google_kms_crypto_key_version (#17704)


  • New Data Source: google_apphub_application (#17679)
  • New Resource: google_cloud_quotas_quota_preference (#17637)
  • New Resource: google_vertex_ai_deployment_resource_pool (#17707)
  • New Resource: google_integrations_client (#17640)


  • bigquery: added dataGovernanceType to google_bigquery_routine resource (#17689)
  • bigquery: added support for external_data_configuration.json_extension to google_bigquery_table (#17663)
  • compute: added cloud_router_ipv6_address, customer_router_ipv6_address fields to google_compute_interconnect_attachment resource (#17692)
  • compute: added generated_id field to google_compute_region_backend_service resource (#17639)
  • integrations: added deletion support for google_integrations_client resource (#17678)
  • kms: added crypto_key_backend field to google_kms_crypto_key resource (#17704)
  • metastore: added scheduled_backup field to google_dataproc_metastore_service resource (#17673)
  • provider: added provider-defined function name_from_id for retrieving the short-form name of a resource from its self link or id (#17694)
  • provider: added provider-defined function project_from_id for retrieving the project id from a resource's self link or id (#17694)
  • provider: added provider-defined function region_from_zone for deriving a region from a zone's name (#17694)
  • provider: added provider-defined functions location_from_id, region_from_id, and zone_from_id for retrieving the location/region/zone names from a resource's self link or id (#17694)


  • cloudrunv2: fixed Terraform state inconsistency when resource google_cloud_run_v2_job creation fails (#17711)
  • cloudrunv2: fixed Terraform state inconsistency when resource google_cloud_run_v2_service creation fails (#17711)
  • container: fixed google_container_cluster permadiff when master_ipv4_cidr_block is set for a private flexible cluster (#17687)
  • dataflow: fixed an issue where the provider would crash when enableStreamingEngine is set as a parameter value in google_dataflow_flex_template_job (#17712)
  • kms: added top-level external_protection_level_options field in google_kms_crypto_key_version resource (#17704)

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