github hashicorp/terraform-provider-google-beta v4.66.0

latest releases: v4.68.0, v4.67.0
14 days ago


  • Upgraded to Go 1.19.9 (#5623)


  • New Resource: google_network_security_server_tls_policy (#5619)


  • bigquery: added ICEBERG as an enum for external_data_configuration.source_format field in google_bigquery_table (#5622)
  • cloudfunctions: added status attribute to the google_cloudfunctions_function resource and data source (#5625)
  • compute: added storage_location field in google_compute_image resource (#5644)
  • compute: added support for additional machine types in google_compute_region_commitment (#5633)
  • dataflow: added multiple fields to google_dataflow_flex_template_job (#5635)
  • monitoring: added forecast_options field to google_monitoring_alert_policy resource (#5642)
  • monitoring: added notification_channel_strategy field to google_monitoring_alert_policy resource (#5624)
  • sql: added advanced_machine_features field in google_sql_database_instance (#5639)
  • storagetransfer: added field path to transfer_spec.aws_s3_data_source in google_storage_transfer_job (#5641)
  • workstations: added support for source_snapshot in google_workstations_workstation_config (#5636)


  • artifactregistry: fixed new repositories ignoring the provider region if location is unset in google_artifact_registry_repository. (#5637)
  • compute: fixed permadiff on log_config.sample_rate of google_compute_backend_service (#5631)
  • container: fixed permadiff on of google_container_cluster (#5626)
  • dataflow: fixed inconsistent final plan when labels are added to google_dataflow_job (#5634)
  • provider: fixed an issue where mtls transports were not used consistently(initial implementation in v4.65.0, reverted in v4.65.1) (#5645)
  • storage: fixed inconsistent final plan when labels are added to google_storage_bucket (#5634)

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