github hashicorp/nomad v1.1.3

1.1.3 (July 29, 2021)


  • api: Added NewSystemJob helper function to create base system job object. [GH-10861]
  • audit (Enterprise): allow configuring file mode for audit logs [GH-10916]
  • build: no longer use vendor directory [GH-10898]
  • cli: Added a -task flag to alloc restart and alloc signal for consistent UX with alloc exec and alloc logs [GH-10859]
  • cli: Support recent job spec construct in the HCLv1 parser [GH-10931]
  • consul/connect: automatically set CONSUL_TLS_SERVER_NAME for connect native tasks [GH-10804]
  • dispatch jobs: Added optional idempotency token to WriteOptions which prevents Nomad from creating new dispatched jobs for retried requests. [GH-10806]
  • ui: Added new screen to dispatch a parameterized batch job [GH-10675]
  • ui: Handle ACL token when running behind a reverse proxy [GH-10563]


  • api: Reverted to using http/1 to fix a 1.1.2 regression in alloc exec sessions [GH-10958]
  • cli: Fixed a bug where -namespace flag was not respected for job run and job plan commands. [GH-10875]
  • cli: Fixed a panic when deployment monitor is invoked in some CI environments [GH-10926]
  • cli: Fixed system commands, so they correctly use passed flags [GH-10822]
  • cli: Fixed the help message for the nomad alloc signal command [GH-10917]
  • client: Fixed a bug where a restarted client may start an already completed tasks in rare conditions [GH-10907]
  • client: Fixed bug where meta blocks were not interpolated with task environment [GH-10876]
  • cni: Fixed a bug where fingerprinting of CNI configuration failed with default cni_config_dir and cni_path [GH-10870]
  • consul/connect: Avoid assumption of parent service when syncing connect proxies [GH-10872]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug causing high CPU with multiple connect sidecars in one group [GH-10883]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug where service deregistered before connect sidecar [GH-10873]
  • consul: Fixed a bug where services may incorrectly fail conflicting name validation [GH-10868]
  • consul: avoid extra sync operations when no action required [GH-10865]
  • consul: remove ineffective edge case handling on service deregistration [GH-10842]
  • core: Fixed a bug where affinity memoization may cause planning problems [GH-10897]
  • core: Fixed a bug where internalized constraint strings broke job plan [GH-10896]
  • core: Fixed a panic that may arise when upgrading pre-1.1.0 cluster to 1.1.x and may cause cluster outage [GH-10952]
  • csi: Fixed a bug where volume secrets were not used for creating snapshots. [GH-10840]
  • csi: fixed a CLI panic when formatting volume status with -verbose flag [GH-10818]
  • deps: Update hashicorp/consul-template to v0.25.2 to fix panic reading Vault secrets [GH-10892]
  • driver/docker: Moved the generated /etc/hosts file's mount source to the allocation directory so that it can be shared between tasks of an allocation. [GH-10823]
  • drivers: Fixed bug where Nomad incorrectly reported tasks as recovered successfully even when they were not. [GH-10849]
  • scheduler: Fixed a bug where updates to the datacenters field were not destructive. [GH-10864]
  • ui: Fixes bug where UI was not detecting namespace-specific capabilities. [GH-10893]
  • volumes: Fix a bug where the HTTP server would crash if a volume_mount block was empty [GH-10855]
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