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1.1.0 (May 18, 2021)


  • Memory oversubscription: Improve cluster efficiency by allowing applications, whether containerized or non-containerized, to use memory in excess of their scheduled amount.
  • Reserved CPU cores: Improve the performance of your applications by ensuring tasks have exclusive use of client CPUs.
  • UI improvements: Enjoy a streamlined operator experience with fuzzy search, resource monitoring, and authentication improvements.
  • CSI enhancements: Run stateful applications with improved volume management and support for Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugins such as Ceph.
  • Readiness checks: Differentiate between application liveness and readiness with new options for task health checks.
  • Remote task drivers (technical preview): Use Nomad to manage your workloads on more platforms, such as AWS Lambda or Amazon ECS.
  • Consul namespace support (Enterprise): Run Nomad-defined services in their HashiCorp Consul namespaces more easily using Nomad Enterprise.
  • License autoloading (Enterprise): Automatically load Nomad licenses when a Nomad server agent starts using Nomad Enterprise.
  • Autoscaling improvements: Scale your applications more precisely with new strategies.


  • csi: The attachment_mode and access_mode field are required for volume blocks in job specifications. Registering a volume requires at least one capability block with the attachment_mode and access_mode fields set. [GH-10330]
  • drivers/exec+java: Reduce set of linux capabilities enabled by default [GH-10600]
  • licensing: Enterprise licenses are no longer stored in raft or synced between servers. Loading the Enterprise license from disk or environment is required. The nomad license put command has been removed. [GH-10458]


  • drivers/docker+exec+java: Disable CAP_NET_RAW linux capability by default to prevent ARP spoofing. CVE-2021-32575 GH-10568


  • api: Added an API endpoint for fuzzy search queries [GH-10184]
  • api: Removed unimplemented CSIVolumes.PluginList API. [GH-10158]
  • api: Added namespace field for the jobs list endpoint response [GH-10434]
  • build: Updated to Go 1.16.3 [GH-10483]
  • cli: Update defaults for nomad operator debug flags -interval and -server-id to match common usage. [GH-10121]
  • cli: Support an optional file argument for volume init and quota init commands [GH-10397]
  • client/config: Enable sockaddr templating for network-interface attribute. [GH-10404]
  • client/fingerprint: Added support multiple host network aliases for the same interface. [GH-10104]
  • consul: Allow setting body field on service/check Consul health checks. [GH-10186]
  • consul/connect: Use exponential backoff for consul envoy bootstrap process [GH-10453]
  • consul/connect: Enable setting local_bind_address field on connect upstreams [GH-6248]
  • consul/connect: Added job-submission validation for Connect sidecar service and group names [GH-10455]
  • consul/connect: Automatically populate CONSUL_HTTP_ADDR for connect native tasks in host networking mode. [GH-10239]
  • consul/connect: Added disable_default_tcp_check field to connect.sidecar_service blocks to disable the default TCP listener check for Connect sidecar tasks. [GH-10531]
  • core: Persist metadata about most recent drain in Node.LastDrain [GH-10250]
  • csi: Added support for jobs to request a unique volume ID per allocation. [GH-10136]
  • driver/docker: Added support for optional extra container labels. [GH-9885]
  • driver/docker: Added support for configuring default logger behavior in the client configuration. [GH-10156]
  • metrics: Added blocked evaluation resources metrics [GH-10454]
  • networking: Added support for user-defined iptables rules on the NOMAD-ADMIN chain. [GH-10181]
  • networking: Added support for interpolating host network names with node attributes. [GH-10196]
  • nomad/structs: Removed deprecated Node.Drain field, added API extensions to restore it [GH-10202]
  • ui: Added a job reversion button [GH-10336]
  • ui: Added memory maximum to task group ribbon [GH-10459]
  • ui: Updated global search to use fuzzy search API [GH-10412]
  • ui: Changed displays of aggregate units to use larger suffixes when appropriate [GH-10257]
  • ui: Added resource reservation indicators on client charts and task breakdowns on allocation charts [GH-10208]


  • core (Enterprise): Update licensing library to v0.0.11 to include race condition fix. [GH-10253]
  • agent: Only allow querying Prometheus formatted metrics if Prometheus is enabled within the config [GH-10140]
  • api: Ensured that api.LicenseGet returned response meta data [GH-10276]
  • api: Added missing devices block to AllocatedTaskResources [GH-10064]
  • api: Fixed a panic that may occur on concurrent access to an SDK client [GH-10302]
  • cli: Fixed a bug where non-int proxy port would panic CLI [GH-10072]
  • cli: Fixed a bug where snapshot agent command panics on launch [GH-10276]
  • cli: Remove extra linefeeds in monitor.log files written by nomad operator debug. [GH-10252]
  • cli: Fixed a bug where parsing HCLv2 may panic on some variable interpolation syntax [GH-10326] [GH-10419]
  • cli: Fixed a bug where nomad operator debug incorrectly parsed https Consul API URLs. [GH-10082]
  • cli: Fixed a panic where nomad job run or plan would crash when supplied with non-existent -var-file files. [GH-10569]
  • client: Fixed log formatting when killing tasks. [GH-10135]
  • client: Added handling for cgroup-v2 memory metrics [GH-10286]
  • client: Only publish measured allocation memory metrics [GH-10376]
  • client: Fixed a bug where small files would be assigned the wrong content type. [GH-10348]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug where job plan always different when using expose checks. [GH-10492]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug where HTTP ingress gateways could not use wildcard names. [GH-10457]
  • cni: Fallback to an interface with an IP address if sandbox interface lacks one. [GH-9895]
  • csi: Fixed a bug where volume with IDs that are a substring prefix of another volume could use the wrong volume for feasibility checking. [GH-10158]
  • drivers/docker: Fixed a bug where Dockerfile STOPSIGNAL was not honored. [GH-10441]
  • drivers/raw_exec: Fixed a bug where exit codes could be dropped and return a spurious error. [GH-10494]
  • scheduler: Fixed a bug where Nomad reports negative or incorrect running children counts for periodic jobs. [GH-10145]
  • scheduler: Fixed a bug where jobs requesting multiple CSI volumes could be incorrectly scheduled if only one of the volumes passed feasibility checking. [GH-10143]
  • service: Fixed a bug where new script checks would not be added on job updates. [GH-10403]
  • server: Fixed a bug affecting periodic job summary counts [GH-10145]
  • server: Fixed a bug where draining a node may fail to migrate its allocations [GH-10411]
  • server: Fixed a bug where jobs may not run if submitted with ParentID field set [GH-10424]
  • server: Fixed a panic that may arise on submission of jobs containing invalid service checks [GH-10154]
  • ui: Fixed the rendering of interstitial components shown after processing a dynamic application sizing recommendation. [GH-10094]
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