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1.0.4 (February 24, 2021)


  • Terminating Gateways: Adds built-in support for running Consul Connect terminating gateways [GH-9829]


  • api: Added OSS handling for license request to stop spurious errors from appearing in the logs [GH-9963]
  • agent: Removed leading whitespace from JSON-formatted log output. [GH-9795]
  • cli: Added optional -task <task-name> flag to alloc logs to match alloc exec [GH-10026]
  • cli: Improved scaling policy commands with -verbose, auto-completion, and prefix-matching [GH-9964]
  • consul/connect: Enable custom sidecar tasks to use connect expose checks [GH-9995]
  • consul/connect: Added validation to prevent connect blocks from being added to task services. [GH-9817]
  • consul/connect: Made handling of sidecar task container image URLs consistent with the docker task driver. [GH-9580]
  • drivers/exec+java: Added client plugin and task configuration options to re-enable previous PID/IPC namespace behavior [GH-9982] [GH-9990]
  • ui: Added button to fail running deployments [GH-9831]
  • ui: Reduced bundle size by removing support for IE 11 [GH-9578]


  • cli: Fixed a bug where some fields in dynamic blocks were not interpolated. [GH-9921]
  • cli: Fixed a bug where unset HCL2 variables would panic the CLI if the type was also not set. [GH-10045]
  • consul: Fixed a bug where failing tasks with group services would only cause the allocation to restart once instead of respecting the restart field. [GH-9869]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug where gateway proxy connection default timeout not set [GH-9851]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug preventing more than one connect gateway per Nomad client [GH-9849]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug where connect sidecar services would be re-registered unnecessarily. [GH-10059]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug where the sidecar health checks would fail if host_network was defined. [GH-9975]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug where tasks with connect services might be updated when no update necessary. [GH-10077]
  • deployments: Fixed a bug where deployments with multiple task groups and manual promotion would fail if promoted after the progress deadline. [GH-10042]
  • drivers/docker: Fixed a bug preventing multiple ports to be mapped to the same container port [GH-9951]
  • driver/qemu: Fixed a bug where network namespaces were not supported for QEMU workloads [GH-9861]
  • nomad/structs: Fixed a bug where static ports with the same value but different host_network were invalid [GH-9946]
  • scheduler: Fixed a bug where shared ports were not persisted during inplace updates for service jobs. [GH-9830]
  • scheduler: Fixed a bug where job statuses and summaries where duplicated and miscalculated when registering a job. [GH-9768]
  • scheduler: Fixed a bug that caused the scheduler not to detect changes for host_network port field. [GH-9937]
  • scheduler (Enterprise): Fixed a bug where the deprecated network mbits field was being considered as part of quota enforcement. [GH-9920]
  • ui: Fixed exec command escaping of emoji in task names [GH-7813]
  • ui: Consistently use the correct MHz shorthand throughout the UI [GH-9896]
  • ui: Fixed inconsistent namespace casing in the namespace selector [GH-9876]
  • ui: Always draw allocation associations if the alloc count is less than 10 [GH-9769]
  • ui: Fixed incorrect text alignment in the topology visualization in Firefox [GH-9894]
  • ui: Fixed node composite status so being down takes priority over being ineligible [GH-9927]
  • ui: Don't count reservations of terminal allocations in the topology visualization [GH-9886]
  • ui: Use server-sent error messages when applicable (e.g., when a task can't be stopped) [GH-9909]
  • ui: Send the region query param when making cross-region client/server monitor requests [GH-9913]
  • ui: Fixed a bug where namespaces were not being included when opening exec windows from allocations and tasks [GH-9968]
  • ui: Don't draw allocation associations in the topology visualization on window resize when the associations aren't supposed to be shown [GH-9769]
  • volumes: Fixed a bug where volume diffs were not displayed in the output of nomad plan. [GH-9973]
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