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1.0.2 (January 14, 2020)

  • artifact: Added support for virtual host style AWS S3 paths. [GH-9050]
  • build: Updated to Go 1.15.6. [GH-9686]
  • client: Improve support for AWS Graviton instances [GH-7989]
  • consul/connect: Interpolate the connect, service meta, and service canary meta blocks with the task environment [GH-9586]
  • cli: Added JSON/go template formatting to agent-info command. [GH-9788]


  • client: Fixed a bug where non-docker tasks with network isolation were restarted on client restart. [GH-9757]
  • client: Fixed a bug where clients configured with cpu_total_compute did not update the cpu.totalcompute node attribute. [GH-9532]
  • client: Fixed an fingerprinter issue detecting bridge kernel module on RHEL [GH-9776]
  • core: Fixed a bug where an in place update dropped an allocations shared allocated resources [GH-9736]
  • consul: Fixed a bug where updating a task to include services would not work [GH-9707]
  • consul: Fixed alloc address mode port advertisement to use the mapped to port value [GH-9730]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug where absent ingress envoy proxy configuration could panic client [GH-9669]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug where in-place upgrade of Nomad client running Connect enabled jobs would panic [GH-9738]
  • lifecycle: Fixed a bug where poststop breaks deployments with consul service checks [GH-9361]
  • template: Fixed multiple issues in template src/dest and artifact dest interpolation [GH-9671]
  • template: Fixed a bug where dynamic secrets did not trigger the template change_mode after a client restart. [GH-9636]
  • scaling: Fixed a bug where job scaling endpoint did not enforce scaling policy min/max [GH-9761]
  • server: Fixed a bug where new servers may bootstrap prematurely when configured with bootstrap_expect = 0 [GH-9672]
  • ui: The topology visualization will now render a subset of nodes instead of nothing when some nodes are running nomad <0.9.0 [GH-9733]
latest releases: v1.2.0-beta1, v1.1.6, v1.0.12...
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