github hashicorp/nomad v1.0.1

1.0.1 (December 16, 2020)


  • drivers/docker: Added a new syntax for specifying mount [GH-9635]


  • core: Fixed a bug where ACLToken and ACLPolicy changes were ignored by the event stream [GH-9595]
  • core: Fixed a bug to honor HCL2 variables set by environment variables or variable files [GH-9592] [GH-9623]
  • cli: Fixed a bug in the node count for the nomad operator debug command. [GH-9625]
  • cni: Fixed a bug where plugins that do not set the interface sandbox value could crash the Nomad client. [GH-9648]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug where client meta.connect.sidecar_image configuration was ignored [GH-9624]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug where client meta.connect.proxy_concurrency was not applied to connect gateways [GH-9611]
latest releases: v1.2.0-beta1, v1.1.6, v1.0.12...
10 months ago