github hashicorp/nomad v1.0.0-beta2


  • Event Stream: Subscribe to change events as they occur in real time. [GH-9013]
  • Namespaces OSS: Namespaces are now available in open source Nomad. [GH-9135]
  • Topology Visualization: See all of the clients and allocations in a cluster at once. [GH-9077]


  • core: null characters are prohibited in region, datacenter, job name/ID, task group name, and task name [GH-9020]
  • csi: registering a CSI volume with a block-device attachment mode and mount_options now returns a validation error, instead of silently dropping the mount_options. [GH-9044]
  • driver/docker: Tasks are now issued SIGTERM instead of SIGINT when stopping [GH-8932]
  • telemetry: removed backwards compatible/untagged metrics deprecated in 0.7 [GH-9080]


  • core: Improved job deregistration error logging. [GH-8745]
  • api: Added support for cancellation contexts to HTTP API. [GH-8836]
  • api: Job Register API now permits non-zero initial Version to accommodate multi-region deployments. [GH-9071]
  • api: Added ?resources=true query parameter to /v1/nodes and /v1/allocations to include resource allocations in listings. [GH-9055]
  • api: Added ?task_states=false query parameter to /v1/allocations to remove TaskStates from listings. Defaults to being included as before. [GH-9055]
  • cli: Added scale and scaling-events subcommands to the job command. [GH-9023]
  • cli: Added scaling command for interaction with the scaling API endpoint. [GH-9025]
  • client: Batch state store writes to reduce disk IO. [GH-9093]
  • client: Use ec2 CPU perf data from AWS API [GH-7830]
  • client: Added support for Azure fingerprinting. [GH-8979]
  • client: Added support for fingerprinting the client node's Consul segment. [GH-7214]
  • client: Added NOMAD_JOB_ID and NOMAD_PARENT_JOB_ID environment variables to those made available to jobs. [GH-8967]
  • client: Updated consul-template to v0.25.0 - config function_blacklist deprecated and replaced with function_denylist [GH-8988]
  • config: Deprecated terms blacklist and whitelist from configuration and replaced them with denylist and allowlist. [GH-9019]
  • consul: Support Consul namespace (Consul Enterprise) in client configuration. [GH-8849]
  • consul: Support advertising CNI and multi-host network addresses to consul [GH-8801]
  • consul/connect: Dynamically select envoy sidecar at runtime [GH-8945]
  • csi: Relaxed validation requirements when checking volume capabilities with controller plugins, to accommodate existing plugin behaviors. [GH-9049]
  • driver/docker: Upgrade pause container and detect architecture [GH-8957]
  • jobspec: Lowered minimum CPU allowed from 10 to 1. [GH-8996]


  • core: Fixed a bug where blocking queries would not include the query's maximum wait time when calculating whether it was safe to retry. [GH-8921]
  • config (Enterprise): Fixed default enterprise config merging. [GH-9083]
  • consul: Fixed a bug to correctly validate task when using script-checks in group-level services [GH-8952]
  • consul: Fixed a bug where canary_meta was not being interpolated with environment variables [GH-9096]
  • consul/connect: Fixed a bug to correctly trigger updates on jobspec changes [GH-9029]
  • csi: Fixed a bug where multi-writer volumes were allowed only 1 write claim. [GH-9040]
  • csi: Fixed a bug where nomad volume detach would not accept prefixes for the node ID parameter. [GH-9041]
  • driver/docker: Fixed a bug where the default image_delay configuration was ignored if the gc configuration was not set. [GH-9101]


latest releases: v1.2.0-beta1, v1.1.6, v1.0.12...
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