github hashicorp/nomad v0.12.5

0.12.5 (September 17, 2020)


  • core: Fixed a panic on job submission when the job contains a service with expose = true set [GH-8882]
  • core: Fixed a regression where stopping the sole job allocation result in two replacement allocations [GH-8867]
  • core: Fixed a bug where an allocation may be left running expectedly despite promoting a new job version [GH-8886]
  • cli: Fixed the whitespace in nomad monitor help output [GH-8884]
  • cli: Updated job samples to avoid using deprecated task level networks and mbit syntax [GH-8911]
  • cli: Fixed a bug where alloc signal fails if the CLI cannot contact the Nomad client directly [GH-8897]
  • cli: Fixed a bug where host volumes could cause nomad node status to panic when the -verbose flag was used. [GH-8902]
  • ui: Fixed ability to switch between tasks in alloc exec sessions [GH-8856]
  • ui: Task log streaming will no longer suddenly flip to a different task's logs. [GH-8833]
latest releases: v1.2.0-beta1, v1.1.6, v1.0.12...
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