github hashicorp/nomad v0.12.2

0.12.2 (August 12, 2020)


  • Multiple Vault Namespaces (Enterprise): Support for multiple Vault Namespaces [GH-8453]
  • Scaling Observability UI: View changes in task group scale (both manual and automatic) over time. [GH-8551]


  • cli: Move the debug command to nomad operator debug [GH-8602]
  • consul/connect: Added support for bridge networks with Connect Native tasks [GH-8290]
  • consul: Added support for setting success_before_passing and failures_before_critical on consul service checks. [GH-6913]
  • csi: Added a nomad volume detach command to manually detach unused volumes. [GH-8584]


  • core: Fixed a bug where nomad job plan reports success and no updates if the job contains a scaling policy [GH-8567]
  • api: Added missing namespace field to scaling status GET response object [GH-8530]
  • api: Do not allow submission of jobs of type system that include task groups with scaling stanzas [GH-8491]
  • build: Updated to Go 1.14.7. Go 1.14.6 contained a CVE that is not believed to impact Nomad [GH-8601]
  • csi: Fixed a bug where ACL tokens were not used to call internal RPCs. [GH-8373]
  • csi: Fixed a bug where volumes could not be detached during node drains. [GH-8580]
  • csi: Fixed a bug where allocations in the API were omitted from plugins and volumes. [GH-8362]
  • csi: Fixed a bug where controller plugin RPCs would not be retried to a second controller if available. [GH-8561]
  • csi: Fixed a bug where retries of plugin RPCs would not gracefully resume from checkpoints in the workflow. [GH-8605]
  • csi: Fixed a bug causing errors during client deregistration if CSI node plugins did not fingerprint after stopping. [GH-8619]
  • csi: Fixed a bug where the NodePublish workflow incorrectly created target paths that should be created by the CSI plugin. [GH-8505]
  • csi: Fixed a bug in nomad node status where volumes attached to a node for an improperly cleaned-up allocation caused a panic in the CLI. [GH-8525]
  • deployments: Fixed a bug where Nomad Enterprise multi-region deployments would not leave "pending" status if namespaces were also in use.
  • vault: Fixed a bug where vault integration fails if Vault's /sys/init endpoint is disabled [GH-8524]
  • vault: Fixed a bug where upgrades from pre-0.11.3 that use Vault can lead to memory spikes and write large Raft messages. [GH-8553]
  • ui: Fixed various accessibility audit failures [GH-8455]
  • ui: Fixed global search navigation where job name ≠ ID [GH-8560]
  • ui: Fixed slow global search rendering by truncating results [GH-8571]
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