github hashicorp/nomad v0.12.0-beta2

0.12.0 (Unreleased)


  • Preemption: Preemption is now an open source feature
  • Licensing (Enterprise): Nomad Enterprise now requires a license [GH-8076]
  • Multiregion Deployments (Enterprise): Nomad Enterprise now enables orchestrating deployments across multiple regions. [GH-8184]
  • Snapshot Backup and Restore: Nomad eases disaster recovery with new endpoints and commands for point-in-time snapshots.
  • Debug Log Archive: Nomad debug captures state and logs to facilitate support [GH-8273]
  • Container Network Interface (CNI): Support for third-party vendors using the CNI plugin system. [GH-7518]
  • Multi-interface Networking: Support for scheduling on specific network interfaces. [GH-8208]
  • Consul Connect Native: Support for running Consul Connect Native tasks. [GH-6083]
  • Global Search: Access jobs and clients from anywhere in the UI using the always available global search bar. [GH-8175]
  • Monitor UI: Stream client and agent logs from the UI just like you would with the nomad monitor CLI command. [GH-8177]
  • Scaling UI: Quickly adjust the count of a task group from the UI for task groups with a scaling declaration. [GH-8207]


  • driver/docker: The Docker driver no longer allows binding host volumes by default.
    Operators can set volume enabled plugin configuration to restore previous permissive behavior. [GH-8261]
  • driver/qemu: The Qemu driver requires images to reside in a operator-defined paths allowed for task access. [GH-8261]


  • core: Support for persisting previous task group counts when updating a job [GH-8168]
  • core: Block Job.Scale actions when the job is under active deployment [GH-8187]
  • api: Persist previous count with scaling events [GH-8167]
  • api: Support querying for jobs and allocations across all namespaces [GH-8192]
  • build: Updated to Go 1.14.4 [GH-8172]
  • server: Added raft_multiplier config to tweak Raft related timeouts [GH-8082]


  • cli: Fixed malformed alloc status address list when listing more than 1 address [GH-8161]
  • client: Fixed a bug where stdout/stderr were not properly reopened for community task drivers. [GH-8155]
  • csi: Fixed a bug where NodeStageVolume and NodePublishVolume requests were not receiving volume context [GH-8239]
  • driver/docker: Fixed a bug to set correct value for memory-swap when using memory_hard_limit [GH-8153]
  • ui: The log streamer will now always follow logs when the current scroll position is the end of the buffer. [GH-8177]
  • ui: The task group detail page no longer makes excessive requests to the allocation and stats endpoints. [GH-8216]
  • ui: Polling endpoints that have yet to be fetched normally works as expected (regression from 0.11.3). [GH-8207]
latest releases: v1.2.0-beta1, v1.1.6, v1.0.12...
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