github hashicorp/nomad v0.11.3


  • build: Updated to Go 1.14.3 [GH-7431]
  • csi: Return better error messages [GH-7984] [GH-8030]
  • csi: Move volume claim releases out of evaluation workers [GH-8021]
  • csi: Added support for VolumeContext and VolumeParameters [GH-7957]
  • driver/docker: Added support for memory_hard_limit configuration in docker task driver [GH-2093]
  • logging: Remove spurious error log on task shutdown [GH-8028]
  • ui: Added filesystem browsing for allocations [GH-5871]


  • core: Fixed a bug impacting performance of scheduler on a server after it steps down [GH-8089]
  • core: Fixed a bug where new leader may take a long time until it can process requests [GH-8036]
  • core: Fixed a bug where stop_after_client_disconnect could cause the server to become unresponsive [GH-8098
  • core: Fixed a bug where an internal metadata, ClusterID, may not be initialized properly upon a slow server upgrade [GH-8078]
  • api: Fixed a bug where setting connect sidecar task resources could fail [GH-7993]
  • client: Fixed a bug where artifact downloads failed on redirects [GH-7854]
  • csi: Validate empty volume arguments in API. [GH-8027]
latest releases: v1.2.0-beta1, v1.1.6, v1.0.12...
16 months ago