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3 years ago


  • json: There is a new function ParseWithStartPos, which allows overriding the starting position for parsing in case the given JSON bytes are a fragment of a larger document, such as might happen when decoding with encoding/json into a json.RawMessage. (#389)
  • json: There is a new function ParseExpression, which allows parsing a JSON string directly in expression mode, whereas previously it was only possible to parse a JSON string in body mode. (#381)
  • hclwrite: Block type now supports SetType and SetLabels, allowing surgical changes to the type and labels of an existing block without having to reconstruct the entire block. (#340)

Bugs Fixed

  • hclsyntax: Fix confusing error message for bitwise OR operator (#380)
  • hclsyntax: Several bug fixes for using HCL with values containing cty "marks" (#404, #406, #407)

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