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8 months ago


  • hclsyntax: When evaluating string templates that have a long known constant prefix, HCL will truncate the known prefix to avoid creating excessively-large refinements. String prefix refinements are intended primarily for relatively-short fixed prefixes, such as https:// at the start of a URL known to use that scheme. (#617)
  • ext/tryfunc: The "try" and "can" functions now handle unknown values slightly more precisely, and so can return known values in more situations when given expressions referring to unknown symbols. (#622)

Bugs Fixed

  • ext/typeexpr: Will no longer try to refine unknown values of unknown type when dealing with a user-specified type constraint containing the any keyword, avoiding an incorrect panic at runtime. (#625)
  • ext/typeexpr: Now correctly handles attempts to declare the same object type attribute multiple times by returning an error. Previously this could potentially panic by creating an incoherent internal state. (#624)

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