github hashicorp/hcl v2.1.0

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4 years ago


  • gohcl: When decoding into a struct value with some fields already populated, those values will be retained if not explicitly overwritten in the given HCL body, with similar overriding/merging behavior as json.Unmarshal in the Go standard library.
  • hclwrite: New interface to set the expression for an attribute to be a raw token sequence, with no special processing. This has some caveats, so if you intend to use it please refer to the godoc comments. (#320)

Bugs Fixed

  • hclwrite: The Body.Blocks method was returing the blocks in an indefined order, rather than preserving the order of declaration in the source input. (#313)
  • hclwrite: The TokensForTraversal function (and thus in turn the Body.SetAttributeTraversal method) was not correctly handling index steps in traversals, and thus producing invalid results. (#319)

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