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  • A lot of work has gone into creating tests for HACS.
  • In the process of creating tests, many methods are now moved out of classes to separate functions.
  • Since a lot of things changed in the backend, this is the first in a long time that actually was released as a beta.
  • This is ready for the resource changes that will happen in Home Assistant 0.107.0
  • There is a new endpoint for serving files.
    • /hacsfiles/ is the new endpoint.
    • /community_plugin/ is now deprecated, and starting with Home Assistant 0.107.0 you will see deprecation warnings if you still use it.
    • To move to the new endpoint, just replace "community_plugin" with "hacsfiles".
  • HACS will not start up fully if you do not have an internet connection.
  • HACS will not start up fully if you are missing one or more of the required PyPi packages.

📊 Stats

  • Version 0.21.5 was downloaded over 23.000 times 🎉
  • This repository now has over 750 stars 🌟
  • There are currently over 480 default repositories in HACS (if all stores are enabled) 💯
  • There are over 100 automatic tests that run on each commit ensuring that HACS still works 👾

📃 Notes

Full Changelog between 0.21.0 and 0.22.0 (integration)
Full Changelog between 0.21.0 and 0.22.0 (frontend)

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