github hacs/integration 0.2.0
This started small...

When I started earlier today, I had planned to do a hotfix and quickly publish 0.1.1, that failed...

But that's okey!, working on this has been the most fun thing I have done in a long long time :D

New "features"

  • Using GitHub releases are no longer a requirement, if used it will add more functionality like version tracking.
  • ElementViews (the detailed view of the element) now have a reload button (icon).
  • ElementViews (the detailed view of the element) now has a "Last updated" filed to indicate when the last update was.
  • All custom repo under the SETTINGS tab now has a reload button (icon).
  • For plugins, there is now a new button in the ElementView that will allow you to open the plugin file.
  • A warning message will display if you try to add a repo that does not meet the requirements.

Side note

@maykar has taken the advantage of adding an file to his repo, to make a next level experience for the user 🎉

From the ElementView for


When this update is ready for you, you will see an upgrade card on the "SETTINGS" tab.

Full changelog

latest releases: 1.12.4, 1.12.3, 1.12.2...
2 years ago