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November Rain

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⚠️ Be careful!

  • Before blindly updating to this version, check that you are currently running 0.16.2 or newer.
    • If you are on a lower version first update to 0.16.3, then restart Home Assistant before you upgrade to 0.17+
  • This version removes the old UI, this means that when the update is done the frontend of HACS will be broken until you restart Home Assistant.


  • The new experimental UI that was started with version 0.15.0 is now the only UI.
  • New handler for critical repositories
  • If you install a theme, HACS will run frontend.reload_themes so you can start using it right away.
  • New status indicator to show you if a repository is installed but not in use.

💥 Experimental

If you have enabled experimental features and are not using YAML mode for Lovelace you will now get a new "Add to Lovelace" button, if you have a plugin installed that is not added as a Lovelace resource.

Full Changelog between 0.16.0 and 0.17.0

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