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Important notices

  • This version has Home Assistant version 0.98.0 or newer as a requirement.


  • Added a new manifest file (hacs.json) to give the developer more control of the repository
  • Translation for the initial setup (in the UI) for PL & RU
  • Added configuration options, if you use config_flow (configured HACS in the UI) you do not need to restart for these to change.
    • Country filter: Hide repositories that are designed for a country you don't live in.
    • Release limit: Limit the number of releases shown in the version selector.
  • Removes the device_info property (#548)
  • New markdown render logic (#525)
  • Adds more metadata you can search for. example: if you search for thomasloven you will see all his repositories.
  • To handle issues where HACS saved blank data files, it now checks the content before the save function is done, and if it fails it will revert the save.

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