github hackademix/noscript 11.0.15
NoScript 11.0.15

x Fixed CapsCSP bug allowing data: URLs to bypass font
  blocking (thanks dcent and skriptimaahinen)
x [XSS] Prevent DOS detection from being triggered for
  already aborted requests (thanks barbaz)
x [L10n] Updated es and added bn
x [XSS] More accurate base64 checks on hash
x Updated TLDs
x Minor adjustments for Firefox Preview (Fenix)
x Refactored XSS filter into an asynchronous worker to
  better handle DOS attempts
x [XSS] Abort on InjectionChecker timeouts
x [XSS] Updated recognized HTML events
x Fixed autoreload after popup closing broken on Vivaldi
latest releases: 11.1.6rc1, 11.1.5, 11.1.5rc2...
9 months ago