github gurnec/HashCheck v2.4.0.24-beta

latest release: v2.4.0
pre-release6 years ago

This is a pre-release. Feel free to try it out and report any bugs, but do not expect it to work perfectly.

Please see the commit history for the list of improvements.

Known Issues

  • when creating or verifying a checksum file for a large number (thousands) of files, pressing Stop to cancel part way through can cause explorer.exe to crash (fixed in 3c6693a)
  • .asc file extensions are not associated to HashVerify during installation (fixed in c77a856)
  • old file associations, e.g. .md4, remain associated to HashVerify (partially fixed in 122a96f)
  • the property sheet "successfully hashed" label isn't reset when hashing is restarted (fixed in e6fd568)
  • no unit tests (partially fixed in a152a3a and 7d22d7f)

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