github gurnec/HashCheck v2.4.0

6 years ago
  • added SHA3-256 and SHA3-512 support (via the Keccak Code Package)
  • new option to select which hashes to calculate & display in the file properties sheet (MD5 and SHA3 are disabled by default)
  • Checksum file creation & verification are now multithreaded on solid state drives (Windows 7+ only)
  • all release binaries starting with this version will be digitally signed, and will display "Open Source Developer, Christopher Gurnee" as the verified publisher
  • safety/consistency improvements:
    • never saves a partial Checksum file—it's either completed or it's deleted
    • better visibility of file read errors during Checksum file creation
  • installer/uninstaller updates (primarily for Windows 10)
  • automatic CI builds on Appveyor thanks to @Chocobo1
  • initial unit tests (including Appveyor support) for Checksum verification (based on NIST test vectors) and the file properties sheet
  • updated Catalan translation thanks to @Hiro5
  • updated Traditional Chinese translation thanks to @Chocobo1
  • updated Italian translation thanks to @scara
  • many other minor fixes, speed improvements, and GUI updates

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