github gruntwork-io/terragrunt v0.32.0

Updated CLI args, config attributes and blocks

  • include


NOTE: This release is marked as backward incompatible, but there is no backward incompatible configuration changes. We expect all existing configuration to work as is. However, given the amount of changes internally to the include mechanism, we are marking this release as backward incompatible out of caution. If you encounter any issues using this release with existing configurations, please file an issue on this repo as the intention is to limit backward incompatibilities.

  • Added support for using multiple include blocks in a single configuration. Note that with this change, usage of a bare include block with no labels (e.g., include {}) is deprecated. It is recommended to update your configuration starting this release to attach a label to all include blocks (e.g., include "root" {}). You can learn more about multiple include blocks in the updated documentation.

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3 days ago