github gruntwork-io/terragrunt v0.28.21

Updated CLI args, config attributes and blocks

  • get_original_terragrunt_dir() [NEW]
  • generate
  • remote_state


  • Added a new get_original_terragrunt_dir() helper, which returns the directory where the original Terragrunt configuration file (by default terragrunt.hcl) lives. This is primarily useful when one Terragrunt config is being read from another: e.g., if /terraform-code/terragrunt.hcl calls read_terragrunt_config("/foo/bar.hcl"), and within bar.hcl, you call get_original_terragrunt_dir(), you'll get back /terraform-code.
  • Updated the generate and remote_state settings so that they can be set either as blocks or attributes. This makes it possible to, for example, read these settings from common.hcl using read_terragrunt_config and set them dynamically.

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