github gruntwork-io/terragrunt v0.28.10

Updated CLI args, config attributes and blocks

  • remote_state


Added a new property accesslogging_target_prefix to enable control over the TargetPrefix setting when Server Access Logging is enabled for Remote TF State S3 buckets.

Note: This attribute won’t take effect if the accesslogging_bucket_name attribute is not present.

More details can be found further in the official Terragrunt docs

remote_state {
  backend = "s3"
  config = {
    bucket         = "my-terraform-state"
    accesslogging_bucket_name = "valid_string_for_S3_bucket_bame"
    accesslogging_target_prefix = "valid_string" # NEW PROPERTY

Special thanks

  • @dsecik for raising this issue!

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