github gruntwork-io/terragrunt v0.26.1

Updated CLI args, config attributes and blocks

  • remote_state_s3_test.go
  • skip_bucket_accesslogging config option
  • accesslogging_bucket_name config option
  • gostructToCty function


  • Add commercial support subpages
  • Rename the gostructToCty (in config_as_cty.go) -> goTypeToCty (fixes issue: #1384)
  • Deprecate skip_bucket_accesslogging (fixes issue: #1333)
  • Replace it with accesslogging_bucket_name <string> (fixes issue: #1333)
  • Updated docs for relevant configuration option updates & missing asset paths

Migration guide

If you have used terragrunt to initialise your backend configuration, you might be seeing a bug where the S3 bucket for storing TF state stores the logs to its own location, which causes a log loop. For more details, please see

If you're using Terragrunt versions < v0.26.1 (this release)

How to fix the bug (< v0.26.1)

  1. Locate the S3 buckets for storing TF state for all resources that terragrunt has creatd for you when initialising the backend

    • this won't apply if your TF backend was already initialised to S3 prior to running terragrunt
      1.1. Change the TF state bucket logging to disabled (if you don't need the logging enabled)
      1.2. Alternatively, update the Target Bucket to be different than the origin S3 bucket

      If you're using the latest Terragrunt version and have the skip_bucket_accesslogging setting in your terragrunt.hcl files

Special thanks

  • Thank you to @VishalCR7, @ArkuVonSymfon & @klijakub for the contribution!

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