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Updated CLI args, config attributes and blocks

  • aws-provider-patch [NEW CLI COMMAND]


We've added a new aws-provider-patch command that can be used to override attributes in nested provider blocks. This is an attempt at a hacky workaround for a Terraform bug where import does not work if you are using any modules that have provider blocks with dynamic variables nested within them. With this release, you can run:

terragrunt aws-provider-patch --terragrunt-override-attr region=eu-west-1

And Terragrunt will:

  1. Run init to download the code for all your modules into .terraform/modules.
  2. Scan all the Terraform code in .terraform/modules, find AWS provider blocks, and hard-code the region param to eu-west-1 for each one.

Once you do this, you'll hopefully be able to run import on that module. After that, you can delete the modified .terraform/modules and go back to normal.

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12 months ago