github gruntwork-io/cloud-nuke v0.2.0 Cloud nuke will now delete secrets manager secrets. If you wish to avoid nuking secrets manager entries, you can either pass in --exclude-resource-type secretsmanager, or specify a config file.

Release practice change

Starting this release, new resources nuked by cloud-nuke will be marked as a minor version bump (X in v0.X.Y) to indicate backward incompatibilities. Previously, all new resources were considered backward compatible, but since new resources are included automatically (opt-out vs opt-in), users with CI practices around cloud-nuke would be surprised by new resources that are suddenly being picked up for deletion. This surprise is stronger for resources that are actively in use for any account, such as IAM Users.

As such, we have decided to mark the addition of new nuked resources as backward incompatible releases to provide better signals for users when we introduce a new resource.

latest releases: v0.5.0, v0.4.0, v0.3.0...
2 months ago