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Release 1.63.0

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9 days ago

Behavior Changes

  • grpc: Return canonical target string from resolver.Address.String() (experimental) (#6923)
  • client & server: when using write buffer pooling, use input value for buffer size instead of size*2 (#6983)

New Features

  • grpc: add ClientConn.CanonicalTarget() to return the canonical target string. (#7006)
  • xds: implement LRS named metrics support (gRFC A64) (#7027)
  • grpc: introduce grpc.NewClient to allow users to create new clients in idle mode and with "dns" as the default resolver (#7010)

API Changes

  • grpc: stabilize experimental method ClientConn.Target() (#7006)

Bug Fixes

  • xds: fix an issue that would cause the client to send an empty list of resources for LDS/CDS upon reconnecting with the management server (#7026)
  • server: Fix some errors returned by a server when using a grpc.Server as an http.Handler with the Go stdlib HTTP server (#6989)
  • resolver/dns: add SetResolvingTimeout to allow configuring the DNS resolver's global timeout (#6917)
  • Set the security level of Windows named pipes to NoSecurity (#6956)

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