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Release 1.31.0

API Changes

  • balancer: remove deprecated type aliases (#3742)

New Features

  • The following new xDS functionalities are added in this release (xDS features supported in a given release are documented here):
    • Requests matching based on path (prefix, full path and safe regex) and headers
    • Requests routing to multiple clusters based on weights
  • service config: add default method config support (#3684)
    • Special Thanks: @amenzhinsky
  • credentials/sts: PerRPCCreds Implementation (#3696)
  • credentials: check and expose SPIFFE ID (#3626)
  • protoc-gen-go-grpc: support for proto3 field presence (#3752)

Bug Fixes

  • client: set auth header to localhost for unix target (#3730)


  • doc: mark CustomCodec as deprecated (#3698)
  • examples: cleanup (#3738)
  • doc: fix references to status methods (#3702)
    • Special Thanks: @evanlimanto
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