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protoc-gen-go-grpc v1.0.0


This is the first major release of the protoc plugin for generating grpc stubs from the grpc-go repo. The previous version was part of the protoc-gen-go tool at With the migration of that tool to, grpc support was removed and shifted to this repo.

Incompatible change

There is one backward-compatibility breaking change in this version of the tool, which can be disabled with a flag at generation time. The Unimplemented<Service>Server struct is now required to be embedded in implementations of the generated <Service>Server interface. This requirement guarantees that backward-compatibility is maintained by the generated code when new methods are added to a service, which is, itself, a backward-compatible operation.

To disable this behavior, which is recommended only for producing code compatible with earlier generated code, set the flag require_unimplemented_servers=false. For more details, please see the binary's

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27 days ago